Queue Management Required for Local Rihanna Gig

Rihanna on set in Belfast. © thatgoodhit.com

Despite making the national news for being told to cover up in her recent music video shoot in Northern Ireland, Rihanna is taking to the stage on Thursday and Friday 29th & 30th September, & Saturday 1st October in the same country to make the headlines all about her musical performances.

After a local politician, whose farm land Rihanna was using to shoot her latest music video on called a halt to filming as he felt things were getting ‘inappropriate’, Rihanna is preparing for her gigs to be held in the Odyssey Arena in Belfast this weekend (29th September – 1st October). And the singer has found another problem there to; there is a lack of queue management systems to help keep the large crowds expected at the concert under control.

The Odyssey Arena

The Odyssey Arena, the largest arena in Northern Ireland and home to the local ice hockey team The Belfast Giants, have had to buy in more queue management systems so they can control and guide the 10,000 fans expected per night at the gigs. The rope barriers are to be used to help speed up the entrance process, guide the fans to where they need to go and for Health and Safety reasons to keep the fans safe throughout the events.

The barriers were purchased from a local shop fittings supply company, Equipashop.com who were more than happy to help the events of the worldwide superstar. Gary Hill, marketing executive for the company said, ‘Its great to see large events like this coming to Northern Ireland, and with the MTV European Music Awards coming here in November, Northern Ireland, and Belfast in particular is definitely going to be put on the music map. We are keen to help out with any of these events as much as we can.’

Rihanna has now finished filming her new music video in and around Belfast which include scenes from a Belfast estate and local chip shop. Tickets are still available for some of her performances over the next few days and you can get them through the Odyssey Arena website and other ticket outlets.


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2 Responses to Queue Management Required for Local Rihanna Gig

  1. Victoria says:

    Sounds great! Id love to see her live!

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