Pre Order Your Plastic Mannequins Now!

A snippet of our gloss range of Plastic Mannequins have a range of new mannequins arriving on the 31st October with prices starting at just £37.95!

These plastic mannequins provide a robust, attractive and realistic solution to your retail display needs. Made from polyethylene, these new mannequins are more durable than their fibre glass rivals, making them ideal for being frequently moved around.

The new range of mannequins come complete with glass bases, both calf and foot fittings for maximum display flexibility and an easy to build design.

The full range that is due for launch on Monday 31st October can be found by clicking here.

There are more styles to come from this range so if you don’t see anything yet, keep checking back to or follow our blog or facebook page for more details!

You can pre order your plastic mannequins now. Our mannequins will be dispatched immediately to you when they are recieved into our warehouse on Monday 31st October. All pre ordered products will be dispatched first then new orders will be processed. Order yours today to ensure you get yours!


Interested in all things retail including Visual Merchandising and Retail Design, I work at, a retail equipment and shop fittings supplier.
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