Product Videos – Important for Ecommerce?

Product Videos are becoming more important in ecommerce

Product Videos are becoming more important in ecommerce

Over the past 2 months I have been working on making and adding product videos to our website.

As a result we now have 3 videos for 3 of our best selling products (clothes rail, tailors dummy mannequin and 4 way display rail) and have our own YouTube Channel now up and running. The videos give you an insight into what comes with the product, how it is constructed and how to use it. You can view the videos over on our YouTube Channel here. Have a watch and let me know what you think.

I will be adding more videos to our channel and also onto the revelvent pages on our website. You can keep an eye for them on our News Page. In the meantime, I thought I would have a look at how videos for your products are becoming more popular with retailers.

With the continual rise of broadband speeds across the developed world, more and more users are taking to the likes of YouTube and Vimeo to watch and share video content. TNS conducted a market insight study for Google and AOL last year and found that 75% of respondents reported watching more video online than they did last year, and over 50% said they intended to watch more in the next year (Source – Travel Index). With this, users expectations go up another level from what they expected when shopping online.

According to, Ecommerce sales reached 43.2 billion in the 2nd quarter of 2012, which marks a 15% increase over last year’s ecommerce sales. With this growing market, staying up to date and on top of your game is key to staying ahead of your competitors.

When shopping online, customers are not only looking for an easy to buy solution, many will also research the product across various sites before making a purchase. They will look at reviews, ask their friends and peers on Social Networking sites for opinions and won’t make the buying decison until they are happy with the feedback. After all, they may not have seen your product in ‘real life’ yet and want to make sure that they are geting what they are looking for before buying.

Product videos can help bring your product to life on the screen. Yes, the customer can’t physically touch it but they can get a complete sense of what the product looks like, how it performs, how it is operated or constructed and how it interacts with another person. This can increase your conversion rates, with some estimating an improvement of 64-85% in your conversion rate after adding a good, insightful product video to your product. (Source –

Videos are also appearing on the first page of Google’s search rankings. Try typing in the name of a product, say super soaker, and you will find at least one video (when i tried it I got 2) be it a review on the product or a promtional video on it.

Video is only going to get more popular online, and soon every customer will expected some sort of video content on your website. You can start making yuors today, even using your phones camera!

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Interested in all things retail including Visual Merchandising and Retail Design, I work at, a retail equipment and shop fittings supplier.
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