Are you getting your store merchandised ready for Christmas?

Source: via equipashop on Pinterest

The Christmas trading season will soon be getting into full swing with many stores now in the process of implementing their Christmas merchandising themes.

I was reading a post on consumer behaviour and it posed an interesting read on why you should put your Christmas merchandise up early. Although most consumers always say, ‘they have the Christmas decorations up already. It’s only November!’, the post has a convincing argument as to why retailers really should have, or be putting up their Christmas decorations now.

The argument boils down to customers wallets. As Bob Phibbs says in his post, ‘Most people have a mental budget of what they will spend for the holidays; for decorations, for gifts for the family, for the teachers/coaches, for the office — the works.’

As soon as customer see something to purchase that will tick a box of this mental budget, they will spend less money in the traditional time for seasonal shopping.

Many independent retailers try to hold of on erecting their Christmas displays as long as possible so as to appease the consumers walking by, but they may be missing out to their competitors by doing so.

Bob puts this down to the Millennials. They are thrifty with their budgeting and know how to make their money go a long way. The best thing you can do now is to get your Christmas merchandise out now before your competitor gets to your customer first.

Click here to read Bobs complete blog post.

Do you agree with Bob? When do you put up your Christmas merchandise?



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