Equipashop Guides – Opening a Shop & Visual Merchandising

Shop Fittings & Visual Merchandising Guides

Our Guides aim to help your store make an impact on your customers.

Opening a shop can be hard. Many people who choose to open a retail store have a passion about what they plan to sell; clothing, outdoor pursuits, music etc. To help ease some of the pressure, we have looked at the essential products that our established companies buy from us regularly and started an ‘Opening a Shop‘ section on our website.

Within this section, you will find a page with quick links to your local Chamber of Commerce (where you can get great local help and advice for you and your business) and a list of all the essential shop fittings you will need for your store.

We have also added 2 Visual Merchandising guides to this section to help you attract customers into your store with your Window Display and effectively merchandise your products to them. These are important areas to look at and can easily get over looked when you first set up your shop with their being so many other bits and pieces to do.

The first guide looks at Visually Merchandising your window displays to attract and engage the potential customers walking past your store. In this guide you will find hints and tips, as well as images to illustrate the points and links to our pinterest page for ideas and inspiration.

The second guide looks at your store interior and how you can visually merchandise your store to entice your customers further inside and hopefully make that important purchase.

Have a read at all the guides here:

Opening a Shop

Visual Merchandising – Window Displays

Visual Merchandising – In store Merchandising

I hope you find these guides useful. Over the coming months we will be adding new help and advice pages that will hopefully make running yuor store that little bit easier. Check back soon!

About Equipashop.com

Interested in all things retail including Visual Merchandising and Retail Design, I work at Equipashop.com, a retail equipment and shop fittings supplier.
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