Using Hands in Your Displays

After selling out within a few weeks of newly arriving into our product portfolio, we can now welcome back into stock our Female White Gloss Hand Display.

From our ever popular plastic mannequin range, these displays a hit with you guys, more so then we expected! Now they are back in stock I thought I would have a look at some great retail displays that have used hands as their main themes.

Dior Hand Window Display

Dior Hand Window Display. Picture taken from Retail design blog –

Dior used silhouettes of hands for their window displays last year. A fantastic idea that drew the eye to the product they were ‘holding’. The products were actually held aloft by clear string!

Dior Hand  Window Display

Dior Hand Window Display – Picture taken from Retail Design Blog –

Hands can be used in various ways to draw attention to products. Everyone can associate a feeling or texture with touch and so displays can really engage people as everyone can relate to the sensation they think the display hand may be feeling. The image below is a simple idea that has been used in a bar on Boston

Below are a collection of images I have come across that make great use of hands in their displays. Enjoy!

Production Line of Hands

Production Line of Hands
found via

Halloween Idea

Halloween Idea
Found Via Pinterest &

Using Hand as a Prop

Using Hand as a Prop
Found Via Pinterest –

Jewellery Display Idea

Jewellery Display Idea
found via Pinterest –

Jewllery Display Stand Idea

jewellery Display Stand Idea
Found via Pinterest –

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Pop Up Shops – Plan Yours Today

Adidas Pop Up Shop.  Source: via equipashop on Pinterest

They have been going on for a number of years now, but pop up shops have really come to life in this recession period. Their spontaneous nature and the attraction and excitement from that can make them a real success and give your brand some great exposure.

With has focused their August Trends around ‘Newism’, where consumers are lusting after ‘new’ products and experiences. They note how people’s desire to post interesting ‘Status Stories’ is ‘fuelling consumers’ never-ending lust for new experiences, especially acute in a world where so much of identity is expressed online.’

The Social-lite consumer wants to build their own brand online via their social networks and as a result want to be the first to know, and have their fingers on the pulse for new experiences. They will share, review, recommend and actively broadcast products and services to their friends and wider audiences.

Pop up shops can tap into this experience hunting consumer and can provide them with the ‘new’ they are continualy looking for.


The main areas to think about before starting your pop up shop are;

What are you going to sell – Will you use it to sell of remaining stock to make way for new items or are you launching a new range or testing out a new idea?

What is the concept and design of the store going to be – Will it be a rigid extension of your existing brand, or will you let it be flexible around it.

Find a concept from what you are selling and stick to you. Remeber to make your experience a one-off so be creative to attract attention and create a buzz. Play around with customising your clothes rails and mannequins. Importantly, have a budget and stick to it. After all, you want the shop to generate sales and additional income.

Check out our Pinterest Boards on Pop Up Shops & Visual Merchaniding for ideas & inspiration. You can view all our boards here.

Plan your Stock

Are you going to be there for long? Pop up shops can be there for a few days or a few months. Know your timeline and plan your inventory around that. Will you hold alot of stock there, or bring stock daily as and when you need it.

Choosing your location

Pop up shops usually open in vacant retail units that are between leases or completely vacant. Make sure the space meets all your needs, e.g. if you intend to sell chilled foods, does it have a refrigerator. The location is also critical to what you plan to do with your shop. Are you wanting to increase footfall, or are you wanting to catch a different area or target market? Choosing high footfall areas will increase awareness, or a side street unit will make for a more intimate, ‘secret’ experience.

Spreading the word

Social media can work wonders for pop up shops. Start generating the hype a few weeks before you open to get the anticipation building and get friends to tell their work colleagues etc. Some flyers and posters around town are also a great and fairly inexpensive way to get the word out and about. Facebook events and twitter accounts will help get the word out over the social networks.

Check it our Pop Up Shop Pinterest board for more ideas and inspiration!

Till Next Time!

Sources: Pop Up Retail ‘Newism’ Briefing Social-Lite Briefing

Fox Business – Small Business Centre

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Fridja Steamers at Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week SS13

The Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week SS13 took place a few weeks ago and Fridja Steamers were the proud providers of the garment care for the event. It was a pretty big deal as Ben, Fridja’s Director, summarised. ‘So imagine you have make up and hair, sponsored by Maybelline and L’Oréal, you also had the garment care, done by us!’

The task was a big task for the Fridja Steamers. With 3 backstage areas for garment care, a new designer (of which there was over 100!) was arriving every 20 minutes and in general they needed everything they had made steamed.

The team also provided the garment care for the ‘Studio’ space where installations were put on. Ben tells us a bit more about their involvement in this side of the fashion show and what the studio space was. “We’d sort out their garms and then they’d do something interesting in the studio space. It was really cool as it took the clothes off a standard catwalk, put it in a interactive space and in some cases almost combined it with theatre.”

The Mercedes-Benz Berlin Fashion Week SS13 was a real success for the Fridja steamers and the team.

To summarise the event Ben said, “It was an incredible experience for us, and it seemed the designers really appreciated the machines we brought. Berlin is a bit of a magical place and I’m so glad it was the first (of hopefully many) international fashion weeks we provide the garment care for!”

We have some pictures below that Ben and the team took behind the scenes and on the catwalk.

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Bridal Store Shop Fittings Section Online

Our New Bridal Homepage

Our New Bridal Homepage

As mentioned in my previous blog entry, I was busy working on a Bridal section of our website. Here you will be able to find our most popular items for Bridal Stores, as well as fantastic display and store interior inspiration. Click here to see the new Bridal Homepage.

You can access the new section by clicking the above link, or clicking on the tab on our homepage called ‘Bridal’. You will find it under the main banner. The bridal products are split up into product groups with the new menu systems allowing you to see all the groups in one page. From there you can go into each product group, see our range of products and click-through and purchase the item that is perfect for you display.

There is still work to be done, and over the coming weeks and months we will be expanding this section of the site, adding more products, even quicker navigation to the product you want, and rich content that will help you and your bridal business thrive.

To coincide with the new Bridal section, I have also updated our Bridal Pinterest Board with more display ideas and interior inspiration. Have a look and be sure to repin your favourites.I hope you like the new section, and as always it is great to hear your feedback, good or bad!

Speak Soon,



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Shop Systems ‘How to Guide’ plus more New Online Features!

An Example of Our Shop Tubing System

An Example of Our Shop Tubing System

Choosing your new shop system isn’t easy. You have to take into consideration your brand, existing store design and how and what you want to display. Then there is choosing all the individual shop fittings & pieces that you need to buy in order to build it. Soon the idea can seem like a real pain to try and accomplish!

We are always looking out for new shop systems that are not only fantastic to look at, practical and great value, but are easier to assemble and install yourself. To help piece your shop system together, we have launched a ‘shop systems‘ link on our new look homepage where you can choose which system you like the look of and view a pre-built version that has active links to each of the components and shop fittings you need to build the display.

We currently have our Tubing, Spot and Fly systems online and mapped with our other shop systems to follow soon.

Glass Showcases

Glass Showcase mercahndised with Jewellery

Glass Showcase merchandise with Jewellery

We have also added a new buyers guide to our showcase and counter pages. this guide gives you a few pointers on things to consider before deciding on which showcase or counter you purchase. It also includes some example images for inspiration when it comes to visual merchandising your new showcase or cabinet. You can see the images and buyers guide by clicking here.

While you are there, you can save 17% on all our budget showcase and counters. Just click here to see all these fantastic products at great prices!

Bridal Shop

We are currently working on bring you a Bridal Shop section to our website. Here you will find display and visual merchandising inspiration for your bridal displays, our top selling bridal products and the perfect products for your bridal shop or exhibition. Keep your eyes on here for more information on this. If you can wait to get a look at some bridal inspiration, nip over to our Pinterest Board now that is dedicated to Bridal Displays.

Bridal Window Display, Paris

Bridal Window Display, Paris via Pinterest



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Ready to Build Mesh Shelving Kits

Shelving is an essential solution for storage and display. It makes great use of space and can create a fantastic visual impact when it ties in with your brand and theme.

Shelving doesn’t have to cost a fortune and I have come across some great ideas for shelving using everyday items. I have also started up a board over on our Pinterest page just for shelving. Below are a few images of some great ideas using a pallet, and another reinventing the use of a desk tidy.

Book Shelf - Literally!

Book Shelf – Literally!

Made from old books, these shelves are full of character and would work really well in a shop with a modern take on the classics. The books here are shown individually on the brackets, however you could stack a few books on top of each other to add more interest onto your shelving, with your product taking pride of place at the top.

Creating intrigue can help make your product stand out and entice your customers to have a closer look. Using ideas like this shelving in a well placed area can bring customers into your store and make them curious to check out the rest of the shop. As long as you stick to your brand and theme, such displays can enforce your brand ideals, and really engage with your customer, telling them a story about your product.

Shelving made from a full pallet

Shelving made from a full pallet

This pallet ideas provides an industrial look and a few pallets together could make a real feature and vocal point to your shop wall. The pallet could also be modified so that it could be used as a hanging rail for clothing.

If you are looking for something a little more polished, mesh shelving is a popular choice for home, office and retail use.

There are great shelving kits available and we have added some ready to build units onto our website. These Mesh Shelving Units are great for the office, the home and for our store. From industrial themes, to kitchen equipment and garage storage, they are a versatile system that you can use for a range of solutions.

Mesh Shelving

Mesh Shelving Display Ideas

The kits come ready to build meaning everything you need to put them together is in the box. No tools are required and the shelves simply slot into the posts and are held in position by the notched grooves.

Head on over to our Pinterest page for more shelving, Visual Merchandising, design and display ideas.

Talk soon,


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Fridja Steamers Now Available at Equipashop!


You can now order Fridja Steamers from Equipashop. 6 fantastic colours, all in stock, all for just £89.99 ex VAT and FREE delivery!

These steamers look great! We have added the Fridja F1000 range of steamers to our product range and these machines look fantastic. They are available in 6 colours; black, white, blue, yellow, baby pink and hot pink and have been given rave reviews from a range of big companies such as Asos who described Fridja Steamers as ‘Making garment steamers sexy’.

There has been a number of fantastic press reviews for these steamers with many shop owners not willing to hide them away and rather keep them in full view on their shop floor thanks to their modern, funky design.


‘We love Fridja steamers’ Telegraph Fashion
‘Making garment steamers sexy’ ASOS

‘Fashion lover cleans up with steaming idea’ The Evening Standard 

‘our beautiful pure white Fridja steamer looks so good we keep her out on display at all times in our showroom. She’s a dream to use too’ Lulu Kennedy, Director of Fashion East

‘Light, compact and quick to heat-up – this is a handy, easy to use piece of kit, and comes with everything you need to get the job done’ Gareth Pugh, designer

‘my Fridja is pink matches my hair / is new best fwend’ Carri Mundance / Cassette Playa, designer

And these steamers don’t just look great, the steamer packs a good bit of heat too:

  • Ready to use in 45 seconds
  • 1500 Watt
  • 2.2 Litre Water Tank
  • 65 minutes Continuous Steaming
  • Stainless Steel Head
  • Fold Down Hanger
  • Height Adjustable Pole
  • Trouser Clamp
  • Mini Ironing Mat
  • Upholstery Brush
  • Hand Protecting Glove

With a host of large companies already falling for these miniature steamers, and fashion weeks all over the world trusting these steamers to look after their garments, its hard to go wrong with this product. To make it even harder, we have it in stock and available for just £89.99 ex VAT and FREE UK and Ireland delivery. Have a browse and get yours ordered today!


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